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An Insider Guide to Wine in Amsterdam

Last update: May 23, 2024
Picture of houses in Amsterdam to introduce the Amsterdam Wine Guide

Amsterdam is not only worth a trip for tulips, canals and cheese, but the city is also a great place for wine lovers. It is home to more than 60 independent wine shops, numerous great wine-focussed restaurants and bars, and even a vineyard and urban winery. More than 400 wine tastings, wine festivals, winemaker dinners and other wine events take place each year. In this insider guide to wine in Amsterdam, we collect everything you need to know from upcoming wine events to the best wine shops and wine bars in the city.

Wine Tastings and Wine Events in Amsterdam

Looking for a wine tasting you can visit? Want to go to a wine festival? Curious to meet a winemaker? Or are you a foodie and want to experience the perfect food and wine pairing at a wine lunch or dinner? Currently, there are 110 upcoming wine events scheduled over the next weeks. You can find them all in our Amsterdam wine events calendar. Whether you want to challenge you taste buds, meet new people or learn something new about the exciting world of wine - there are events for everybody.

The best wine shops in Amsterdam

There are many wine shops in Amsterdam that can help you when you are looking for a nice bottle. Some are part of groups like Les Généreux, De Gouden Ton, Henri Bloem, Gall&Gall and Grapedistrict, while others are run fully independently. If you are a wine beginner, you have a good chance to find good wine and service at basically all of them. When you are looking for something a bit more special, the post below will guide you to our favorite wine shops in Amsterdam.

The best wine bars and wine restaurants in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a very dynamic and creative restaurant scene with a lot of excellent restaurants and bars. For this insider guide to wine in Amsterdam, we have curated a list of our favorite wine bars and restaurant with the most interesting wine lists.

Wine Courses in Amsterdam

Whether you're a curious newcomer or an aspiring sommelier, following a wine course to learn more about the exciting world of wine can be a captivating pursuit. Wine courses are not only about learning how to taste wine and discover what you like, but they also cover grape varieties, wine making, history and geography. Currently, there are 91 wine courses scheduled in our Amsterdam wine events calendar

Wine activities and experiences in Amsterdam

In addition to wine courses, there are also a number of fun wine activities you can do in Amsterdam. Chateau Amsterdam is an urban winery located in the north of Amsterdam. They purchase grapes from all over Europe to produce different styles of wines. While a true winesnob likely scoffs at the idea, the winery organizes tours and tastings during which you can try wines that were vinified in Amsterdam and come up with your own independent judgement.

During the summer months, Wijngaard De Amsteltuin offers lovely picnics in the middle of the vineyard. The small winery located close to Amsterdam also serve as event location for private events.

The luxury hotel The Dylan offers High Wine - the equivalent of the famous "High Tea" for wine lovers. High Wine includes a selection of 4 different wines paired with 4 amuse-style bites.

Some tour boat operators offer wine tastings on a boat on the Amsterdam canals. We would probably skip the wine during the canal tours and rather go to one of the many wine tastings or a wine bar afterwards where the chances that you get quality wine are much better.