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About Winesnobs

Feb 20, 2022
Lots of corks of wine bottles. Life is too short to drink bad wine

We are two wine lovers living in Amsterdam who love to drink great wine. On this website and on our Instagram, we talk about the Amsterdam wine scene, interesting wines we tasted, and wine regions we visited during our travels.

Winesnobs.Amsterdam was born as a place to collect and share all the wine tastings, wine events, wine shops, and wine bars that Amsterdam has to offer. Our goal is that Amsterdammers, expats, and visitors can always find (new) places to enjoy great wines in the city.

Despite our name, we don't take ourselves and wine too seriously and just love to have a great time with excellent wine and food. While we might be particular about our stemware and can't deny that we have developed a slight swirling tic, we are not posh and pretentious like some parts of the wine world.